Sunday, October 27, 2013

Silent Connection

Snapchat, Facebook, Skype- the list goes on and on.  With the continual advances of social media, humans are finding it easier and easier to connect with one another.  Is any one of these methods superior?  Who can say.  But there is one method that is so overlooked, most would even not consider it a way to connect with one another.  At least not prior to having read this blog post.

Talking on the phone, chatting live over the Internet, and sending videos- what do these things all not have in common?  Silence.  Not many speak of the power of silence but it really exists, probably with a much stronger force than you realize.

My AP English teacher likes to start each class with silence.  The bell rings and all mouths are zipped.  Silence ensues and the class is silent and still save for wondering eyes.  Now our class is a family.  Now can class begin.

Yeah, at first that didn't make since to me either.  This is a class focusing on innovation and aren't ideas spread best through communication with one another?  I didn't understand the sense of community silence brings until today, at my high school basketball game.

A basketball game?  Decked-out cheering fans, red-faced shouting coaches, and the blare of expiring shot clocks refuse to allow silence to have a seat on the bleachers.  Except today.

She was fouled after attempting a lay-up; flattened to the ground and suffered a high top to the face.  After being helped up, she made her way to the line to knock down her two shots.  The referee recognized she was still a little shaky from the foul and approached her.  Towering over her, he lowered his voice and spoke.

The court was silent, preparing to fight for the rebounds.  The bench was silent, hoping their player was okay.  The bleachers ended all side conversations and tried to discern what was being said between player and referee.  The fouled player nodded her head and the entire gym was silent.  Not just quiet silent, but silent as in a pin dropping would have been considered relatively loud.

Despite the tension of a third quarter varsity basketball game, the silence was shared by parents, coaches, and players of both teams. 

"Hey, why is it so quiet?!"  Our assistant broke the communal silence and the gym broke into laughter.  Because of silence the gym was united and unlike like two weeks ago, no parents were thrown out by referees for behavioral misconduct.

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  1. It's interesting how silence can connect people like this, the whole gym was quiet just so they could all experience that moment between ref and player. Silence and noise are so different but they can have the same affect on bringing people together.