Monday, November 4, 2013


To be spontaneously innovative is proving to be quite a challenge for me.  Sophomore year it was the 150 point project, last year it was the DIY project, and now it's a "what if?" project.  Different names, same vague instructions.  My creative juices are running dry.

While reading with the kids that I babysit tonight, memories from my glorious DIY project were brought back.  (Read all the details of last year's golden project:  The rewards were rich, helping kids to grow both intellectually and socially.  In the timeline of my high school years, this project gets a gold star.
I hope to recreate that awesomeness in another project this year but what made everything work out so perfectly last year?  I had a partner with invaluable resources, a teacher who allowed me to miss his class once a week, and a classroom of eager six year olds.  Once my partner and I had our idea and it was deemed possible by our mentors, we hit the ground running.  Those were the glory days.

Our class this year has spent a lot of time discussing where great ideas come from.  I believe they are found when opportunity is recognized.  Last year, the stage was set- I knew the right people.  As for this year, I must continue to seek out opportunities.

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