Monday, October 14, 2013

Not So Secret Identity

Blogging as a student, I realized that I should take extra precaution as to what information I allow readers to see.  How can I trust my personal information with who I do not know?  Of course I won't be posting up my home address or personal phone numbers, but where is the line to be drawn?  Or more interestingly, what if there was no line to be drawn?

In this technologically advanced age, spreading and sharing information takes only the click of a mouse.  But with the Internet, it is easy to be drowned in the flood of YouTube stars, Blogger geeks, and fanatic Pinners.  So how does one make a name for him or herself without displaying too much personal information?

Back to that line drawing business.

If the world didn't have to worry about Internet stalkers, user name hackers, and just plain creeps, it would eliminate the concern we have for our identities.  In what world would this be possible?  This would require erasing the difference between stranger and friend.

What if we all already knew each other without ever needing to have previously met?  Anyone could talk to anyone and it would be okay.  Imagine the resources we would be able to pull from, the connections that could be made, the innovation that would transpire.  Without the fear of unknown, a worldwide necessity would be allowed to blossom- trust.

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