Monday, December 16, 2013

Hidden Gems

Disneyland and In-n-Out are great and all but what about those secluded or hidden places that bring a new kind of happiness?  My English teacher recently gave a PowerPoint presentation on the top 50 places to take a date.  I hadn't even heard of most of them.  A lot of the locations were "what's the password" or locals only type of places.  Every year, my church and the surrounding churches have a Christmas tradition.  While participating in this tradition last night, I realized that I had found a hidden gem of my own, a gem that needs to be shared and shine on the world.

 The Prince of Peace Pageant is put on by St. Luke's Lutheran church in Long Beach, along with neighboring churches.  The Pageant consists of 16 scenes that tell the story of Jesus' birth (the true Christmas story). 

Ever since I was old enough, I have been an actor in one of the scenes.  I see it as my Christmas gift to Jesus.  I had been involved with the Pageant long before I met the 15 year old age requirement by greeting viewers with candy canes or lighting candles.  It's always great to see all the people who come and hear the news of Jesus Christ but I didn't fully appreciate what this Pageant was accomplishing until I was an actor in a scene and listened to those who came to look.

Being in a scene, I'm expected to remain still for an hour and a half but hearing parents explain the story of Jesus to their children deeply moves my heart.  Those that walk by and thank me or those who drive by and shout a "God bless you!" assure me that my 90 minutes are well spent.

The Pageant always attracts a lot of foot traffic and yet I wish that the event could extend its influence over more and more people.  The Christmas story needs to be shared and there are many who especially need to hear it.

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