Monday, September 30, 2013

At the Day's End

We sleep for the very same reason that I am writing this blog post- it is a necessity.  But we have made sleep to be more than a necessity.  It's a luxury, a pastime, and a source of hope. 

The hope of sleep at the end of the day is often what gets me through the many long hours of daylight.  Basketball practice may make me exhausted and homework loads may keep me up until odd hours but I take refuge in the fact that no matter what, I will reach that moment when I am able to close all my books, let my head fall into the comfort of my pillow, and eject all other responsibilities to a spot on the sidelines.  For me, "pulling an all-nighter" is never an option.

But what if we didn't need sleep?  People would argue that this would be beneficial- we would be able to use all hours of the day and night to (potentially) be productive.  The idea of never having to give in to exhaustion is appealing; humans could just keep on going.

I disagree.  Sleep is our protection.  It is our protection against overwhelming strains on our time.  If we didn't need to sleep think of seriously increased level of expectations that would be piled on our already tightly knotted shoulders.  The human need to sleep is an undeniable justified reason for a break.  Even the craziest of craziest workaholics will eventually have to submit to slumber.  They may hate it, but in reality sleep is protecting them against earning the label "insane".

Another important reason for sleep is the power nap I just indulged in.  If such things did not exist, there would have been no inspiration for my blogging and this wonderfully thought-provoking blog post would never have been written.  Thank goodness for sleep!

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  1. I agree with you Brendisima! Sleep is such a paradise for me, and I do not even have to travel far to get there. You can sleep almost anywhere at anytime, with or without consequences. Also, now as a senior, I have realized the importance of both sleeping and blogging, both of which I stuggle to make time for but love to do. Thank goodness for sleep because who wants to be a zombie?